Samvit Wellness

Samvit Wellness offers a shared collaboration of lifetime work of Dr. Brian Dailey and Dr. Sergey Sorin, combining holistic modalities to achieve the best of mind, body, and spirit alignment.

Through state of the art technology, bio field imaging, ElectroEncephloGram (EEG) monitoring, Sound technology including Hemi-sync and SAM (Spatial angle modulation) as well as energy healing to expand consciousness and maximize human potential.

Founded in 2013 Samvit Wellness offers national and international workshops, research, lectures, education and healing. The Samvit team has participated in multiple events including; Heal the Healers in Murphy California, Asia’s first bio-physical and complementary medicine symposium in Bali Indonesia, as well as locally in Canandaigua NY. We look forward to expanding our horizons both locally and internationally.

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