About Dr. Sorin
As the founder to the Power Principle, and a board certified physician with experience in family practice, the emergency room and  bariatrics (weight loss medicine), my initial interest in Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Health and Wellness started early in my carrier. As a cancer survivor, I became interested in knowing more of how all these elements worked together. While oncologists and surgeons focused on my physical body for healing, my own inner journey was into my own power center, ultimately drawing strength to overcome cancer.

I quickly learned the power to heal was within the Mind-Body-Spirit connection, and no one element of the connection was more important than the other. As I studied more in this field, I learned that the Mind-Body-Spirit alignment was not only effective for serious illnesses like cancer, but it also helped me to recover more quickly after shattering my ankle, and other multiple physical incidents.The connection was present in each.

Having applied ancient the ancient principle of aligning the Mind-Body-Spirit in my own challenges, I applied the same concept to my weight loss patients. The results exceeded my wildest expectations. The most significant outcome was the breakthrough of the Yo-Yo cycle in clients who previously had multiple relapses, and were finally able to not only lose weight, but to keep it off in the long term and despite multiple challenges that defeated them in the past. Even more amazing is the effect on other aspects of their lives especially in health and well-being.

Through continued studies and medical practice, I served as a medical director for a surgical weight loss center as well as running my own weight loss and wellness center. I wanted to educate people and became a contributing writer for the New York Tactical Officers Association on Wellness and Fitness. I started to realize the benefits of Mind, Body Spirit Concept, and to help others succeed and exceed weight loss and fitness goals, I put everything I learned in my first book titled "The Power Principle: Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Ultimate Weight Loss."                                                                                              
The "Power Principle," is a comprehensive approach to empowering people to achieve their goals. The book offers the Power Principle as a tool that goes beyond just the physical (body) aspects to tap into the mind and the spirit, empowering the person to take charge of their life, health and weight. Dr. Sergey Sorin says that the ability to lose weight begins from the inside out, so turn on the power in you before attempting to take on any outside challenge, especially overcoming weight loss. This is not a book about will power but a book that encourages the POWER OF YOU.

Board Certified for Family Practice MD, Advanced Certificate in Health Care Management, Brooklyn School of Medicine, Chemistry, and Certified in BLS, ACLS, PALS, ATLS, PALS, ACLS, and BLS (AHA) instructor. Brooklyn College Dean's honor list, Kalberman Award, Golden Key National Honor Society. Primary and Urgent Care Physician, Emergency Medicine Physician, Director of Bariatric Medicine, Medical Bariatric Physician and Medical Director at Physician Weight Loss and Wellness Center, Consultant in Weight Loss and Wellness.

Publications and Research:
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