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Dr. Sergey Sorin's "The Power Principle" Series of Books involves three levels: Physical, Mental and Spiritual. They are proven to work for YOU! 

Physician and weight loss expert, Dr. Sergey Sorin helps remove blockades to the confluence of Mind-Body-Spirit!

Our country is facing a deadly epidemic, and many doctors are either inept or uninterested in helping its victims overcome the devastating results. The disease is obesity, and it is estimated to be responsible for up to 400,000 excess deaths per year in America. According to recent reports, more than two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese, and the incidence has been steadily increasing for several years. Clearly, something must be done.
  • Weight loss is a topic that books, magazines, TV and the Internet frequently address. Yet, many overweight individuals struggle to find a solution that will work for them. They jump from one fad diet to another but never seem to fulfill the promise of hope from the latest "miracle" diet or supplement. One reason is that obesity is not a "one-size-fits-all" disease. Treatment must be individualized to meet specific needs or it is doomed to fail. The diet that works for Sally may fail miserably for Sue. John is bored with walking for exercise but loves to ride a bike. Mary needs medication for a thyroid condition, and Jill needs one for high insulin levels. Unless the individuality of their "likes"and "needs" is taken into account, a weight loss plan will likely fail.
  • Most weight loss programs emphasize diet while paying lip service to the role of exercise. Some do the reverse. A few address the need for psychological/behavioral changes. Even fewer dare address "spiritual" factors of importance. Dr. Sergey Sorin puts it all together in "The Power Principle: Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Ultimate Weight Loss." Successful weight management involves all three levels: physical, mental and spiritual. Like a 3-legged stool, removing one leg renders it ineffective. Leaving one ingredient out of a recipe, even if adding an extra amount of another, will have disastrous consequences. That is why a book like this is necessary. It brings all the critical ingredients together, simply explained, in one easily readable book.
  • Dr. Sorin wisely gives you the tools to individualize your efforts to meet your specific needs. He enlists the best of allieve...YOU! Do not gloss over the assignments he asks you to complete. They are an extremely important part of your program. Read the book in its entirety to get the big picture. Then re-read it and complete the questionnaires. Most people will benefit greatly from reviewing Part I and Part II frequently, for these are the secret jewels of the book. Come back to them anytime you plateau or are having a difficult time sticking to your program.
  • An understanding and knowledgeable bariatric specialist, such as Dr. Sorin, can help you on your journey. Many doctors aren't that interested or trained in this field, but here is one who is. Dr. Sorin even includes information and tips to help you find a specialist who can help you.