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Not being ill does not mean a person is healthy. Thus, the author, Dr. Sergey Sorin, a medical doctor, challenges the currently established, traditional medical concepts while creating a paradigm shift in defining health and wellness based on mind-body-spirit alignment. In particular, the book focuses on the practice of proper lifestyle, including diet and exercise, positive mindset and healthy stress management. In addition to interesting examples and illustrative charts, the book provides simple yet highly effective activities to determine your current level of health and wellness.

This book provides a straightforward, eye-opening approach to Health and Wellness. The book specifically addresses some of these issues:

  • Challenges  our current concepts of Health and Wellness with more in-depth discussion with healthcare providers;
  • Answers common questions everyone has asked or will want to know at some point about being healthy;
  • Functions as a starting point for a different, new direction in terms of health, wellness, and sickness;
  • Uses Dr. Sergey Sorin life as a living example of adopting "The Power Principle"paradigm to achieve personal empowerment and a clear understanding of the healthcare system.
  • With key advice encouraging the power of self-esteem, discipline, the basic science behind nutrition and exercise, and how age plays a factor, "The Power Principle" Are You Healthy is an ideal volume of a strong choice for those fighting to lose weight or improve their health.