Personal Worksheet for Discovering the Power of You

Designate a quiet time when you can be alone and undisturbed for at least a few minutes. Clear your head, and take a few deep breaths. When the mind is as clear and still as possible, reflect on your life, and without trying to force it, let the feelings and thoughts pass through. Try to avoid analyzing, judging or reacting to them. Unlike passing emotions, which can be loud, intrusive, and overwhelming,Image credit: the truly essential and important will present itself and will be a source of calm, comfort and support. Thus, the discovery of "the spirit", begins. It may take more than one session, but most people will find the practice to be quite enjoyable and relaxing, more of a reward than work.

Another useful tool in realizing one’s true priorities and higher values is the "End of the Journey" exercise. This is also mentioned in "The Seven habits of Highly Effective People" by Steven Covey. In this exercise, try to set a time when you can be uninterrupted. Visualize attending your own funeral and the people who matter in your life being present there. What would you like to hear being mentioned?

about you and your life’s accomplishments? Write down these things, which are ultimately important to you?


Note: Those who are new to meditation and similar practices may find this difficult at first, but with more practice, they will find it helpful. Even if as a result, one can only think of fitting into an old pair of jeans, for example; that in itself is an important insight.


Aligning the Spirit-Mind-Body axis:

Once you have an idea of what is truly important, it is then time to examine your current life situation and take stock of where you are and what you are doing now. Are your thoughts and actions in line with your higher motivation from “the spirit”? In this regard, writing down and evaluating your daily activities may be a good practice. Those practices that are in line with the spirit(s) motivation should be continued, while those that are not should be re-evaluated and reconsidered.