Power Principle
In a nutshell, the Power Principle is a change in the way of thinking, feeling and doing things, for total health and wellness. The Power Principle is designed for individuals looking for a holistic lifestyle.  It focuses on an individual's alignment of the mind, body and spirit. We are, in fact, most effective when all three of these elements are functioning optimally. When any one of these elements becomes diminished due to stress, poor diet, lack of activity, a negative mindset, etc., we lose personal power. In other words, we can't, for example, be considered healthy if we are physically fit but our mind is overcome with false beliefs. The Power Principle teaches us how to achieve comprehensive health, not just physical health or mental stability. It's about achieving and finding "your" balance, which provides you the "power of you."

  • The Power Principle is designed for health-minded individuals looking for a holistic approach to health, wellness and weight loss, such as parents of overweight children and adolescents; those who are considering or evaluating surgical and medical options for weight loss; and repeat dieters with a history of weight loss attempts or those who are looking to break the Yo-Yo cycle of weight loss and regain.

  • Unlike other health and weight loss solutions, the Power Principle is comprehensive.  There are books and products focusing mostly on dietary and nutrition aspects including: The Adkins diet, South beach diet, among others.  There are books and products dealing mostly with the fitness aspect, such as P90x, and last but not least there are books and products that try to address the psychological and mental aspects of weight loss. However, it is rare to find a book or a product that addresses the person as a whole, including all the above aspects.  The Power Principle does just that, as well as address the spiritual and motivational (higher power) aspects, that guide the person to "see the light" even in the stormiest of weather in their lives.  Further, it is written by a board certified physician specializing in weight loss and utilizing the principles and techniques taught and recommended by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. 

  • It has extensive resources for the whole family, including adults, children and adolescents, and offers insight for those considering medical and surgical options for weight loss.  The particular strength of the Power Principle is that it seeks to get to the core of the Yo-Yo pattern in weight loss and regain, and addresses the individual in terms of the Spirit-Mind-Body alignment, thus helping not only with the weight, but many other aspects of health and well being. 

  • My second book Are You Really Healthy" allows you to pinpoint just what element(s) in your life may be causing you a lack or imbalance of power. It provides the tools to know yourself better, to get to know your true nature and motivations, being in tune with what drives you. It gets you to the "lighthouse" to guide and bring you back to your true priorities wherever you happen to end up as a result of life's challenges and stressors.

  •  Imagine your self image healthy, well, and in shape starting from inside out. Imagine having yourself image as that of a complete, healthy, happy individual, one who can handle the challenges that come up and moving towards where your true self is, regardless of where you are on the outside (out of shape, overweight, ill, fill in your demons here..)

  • Imagine yourself being guided by your own internal forces and motivations as opposed to being told what you should do, and what you should look like. Imagine being at peace and accepting of your current self; as well as aware of your optimal, genuine, true self.

  • The Power Principle is here to help you accomplish that. It will help you get in touch and stay in touch with your genuine, true self; it will give you the tools and the support to maintain the positive mental attributes to move forward and to overcome obstacles. It will also give you the tools to physically accomplish your goals, with regard to dieting, weight loss and weight maintenance, with regard to general health and wellness.

    This book and program is not about a single particular program or plan. No one plan or program will work for everyone and even further no one program will work for even the same person at different stages of their life and during different challenges in life. It is truly a shift, a way of thinking, feeling and doing things that will get you to where you need to go regardless where you are now and how far the journey is.

    Let the power Principle team guide you to your true authentic self, to unleashing your power center, and to help you achieve your weight, health and wellness goals.