"The Power Principle" written by Dr. Sergey Sorin with its philosophical approach to weight loss is an ultimate approach to the Mind, Body and Spirit. It actually made me realize my years of trying to lose weight was not only due to food, but it was my "mental state that affects weight loss and control." I surely recommend reading Dr. Sorin's book. It truly opened my eyes to who I am. 

Darlene,Wurtsboro, NY

The Power Principles truly transformed who I am.  That is about as true of a statement as I can make, notice I didn’t say helped me lose weight, although I am down 10 pant sizes and almost 80 pounds since applying the techniques of the Power principles, these Principles transformed who I am.  When I first purchased the book I did so not for the weight loss but as a tribute to the author Sergey Sorin MD, who had been a doctor, I worked with at the long term care facility where I was the charge nurse.  I worked with Doctor Sorin for a few years, and he mentioned that he had written a book, but it was not until he left that facility that I even looked up the book.  I was upset that a great doctor and friend left my facility and although we made a plan to stay in touch once in a while I wanted to honor him in a way and decided to look up his book.  To be completely truthful when I bought the book I was so disappointed that it was a weight loss book.  I have always been a big girl and the one thing that made my friendship with Doctor Sorin different was that he never made me feel like that was a “thing.” So when I looked up the book and discovered that he was an expert on weight loss I was almost devastated and started to think maybe that was why he was good to me, to sell his book, clearly I needed to lose weight, but just the same I bought the book.  When the book arrived there was a hand written message that said something like “Kris you are awesome exactly as you are.” Doctor Sorin was a rule breaker in his own right becoming friends with a nurse, (an LPN to top it off) and even encouraging me to call him by his first name often saying “No boxes.”  Which means the silly rules of society are boxes we put ourselves in and they are not necessary, useful or needed so why bother with them, but even with knowing that he pushes the envelope to read “Awesome exactly as you are” was initially laughable.  As I started to read the Power Principles I realized what he meant.  As I started to apply the Principles to who I am my life began to evolve, yes my life, not my weight, my life.  I began to lose some weight, that felt good, then I found a voice, my opinion, my thoughts my wants were starting to be unleashed.  I stood up for what I  believed in, I mattered, I an LPN in a room full of RN’s, executives and board members could apply the power of me and make a difference.  The girl who I was simply wanting to go unnoticed stay just under the radar has the ability to change the world. Well they say that knowledge is power, and with great power comes great responsibility, I accept them both, and this world hasn’t seen anything yet. The book is an easy read, straight forward and understandable.  Applying the Principles with intention has changed the course of my life, and I know that it can change others lives too.  I am enjoying my lighter self physically my weight continues to drop each week I step on the scale knowing that the number is going to be down and that is what I would consider a pretty nice side effect of the Power Principles but the real success of the Power Principles for me is a head held high, a beautiful person looking back at me in the mirror and a heart mind and soul filled with “I CAN.”  

Kris Rock, NY

This is the first weight loss book that I have read cover to cover. It is a no-nonsense, common sense approach to weight loss. Most of the book is encouragement- the rest is diet.

Dr. Sorin treats the whole person in a very kind, gentle and understanding approach. It is refreshing to discover a weight loss book that isn't inspired by a fad diet. If you're serious about weight loss, I would whole heartedly recommend this book.

Susan V. Barber, Kerhonkson, NY

When I first met Dr. Sorin, I knew he was a special person, doctor, and mentor. As I spoke with him, I felt a kind of easiness that I have never found with any doctor/person I have ever encountered in my 42 years. When I found out he had written a book, for some reason, I had to read it.

Upon the start of this book, I found myself drawn to it. As I read further, I found I could not put it down. As I read about his life, growing up in the Soviet Union with nothing then coming to America and living " THE AMERICAN DREAM" only to be diagnosed with cancer, I found all of my problems weren't as big as I thought. As I read on, I found myself, my inner being, coming together. What I mean by that is I have been going through a horrible depression for about three months, as well as a lifetime of being over weight. My readings began to put everything into perspective. I found that I was not the only one who had lost sight of the mind, body and spirit and how important it was to find that alignment again and keep it. I found myself as being so many of the issues talked about. I was the fad diet guy, and the miracle pill/diet guy. If it said I could lose weight on the bottle, I was that guy.

To make a long story short, Dr. Sorin's book changed my life forever. I have found the alignment again. I am slowly coming out of my depression, and I have lost 15 pounds and am continuing to lose. Thanks to Dr. Sorin's book and unbelievable concern for his patients, I have changed many different things in my life (such as my diet, attitude and outlook on life). The book has brought an inner peace to me that I cannot explain. His book, friendship, as well as his professional guidance, will be with me for the rest of my life. I look forward to another book in the future.

Richard Pratti