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Who is Dr. Sergey Sorin?

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As the founder to the Power Principle, and a board certified physician with experience in family practice, the emergency room and  bariatrics (weight loss medicine), my initial interest in Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Health and Wellness started early in my carrier. As a cancer survivor, I became interested in knowing more of how all these elements worked together. While oncologists and surgeons focused on my physical body for healing, my own inner journey was into my own power center, ultimately drawing strength to overcome cancer. Committed to finding the best approaches through natural & holistic approaches, I have teamed up with Dr. Norman Shealy to continue the legacy of the top rated holistic wellness and bring to you the original and most comprehensive holistic care through Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute.

Mind | Body | Spirit


Chronic Illness and Dis-Ease: up to 95% of what goes wrong with people is due to human misbehavior.

Check out this incredible review video of just one of our holistic modalities to promote & regain Mind, Body & Spirit to leave disease in the past & live the best healthy, happy, and loving version of YOU daily!👉

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Co Developer of the Shealy-Sorin Wellness GAMMA PEMF Device.
Check out the video on the right explain What is a PEMF machine, how to use a PEMF machine and the benefits of PEMF Therapy. 


Major Factors Causing Chronic Illness & Disease


Over 80% of food in the country is junk, especially fast food restaurants and virtually all packaged food in grocery stores.


Chronic Stress is ultimately the leading cause of over 80% of the Dis-Ease process (mental/physical/emotional/spiritual).


Of health Problems can be addressed at the root through a holistic approach to reach a healthy and full life

Now, for the Good News......

Shealy-Sorin Biogenics has the Answers You Need


Shealy-Sorin Biogenics System for Self Regulation is 85% effective where conventional medicine has failed, and in over 34,000+ successful patient outcomes, including chronic pain, depression, anxiety and chronic illness. 

The 15% who did not succeed with the system for the most part did not use or follow the system properly.


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"I love helping patients and seeing the amazing reponses we recieve from the mix of Samvit Wellness and Shealy Wellness"

Dr. Sergey Sorin

Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute, the Holistic Health approach that actually works

There are many holistic health approaches, that fall short of the main goal of optimum health. Our Approach to total Mind, Spirit, and Body health is your answer .

Exercise, Nutrition, BMI, Sleep
Personalized Supplement Regimen
Stress Management & Self Regulation
Purpose & Direction of Vision & Life
Total Mind, Spirit, and Body Health

A truly holistic Solution to your Body, Mind & Spirit

Dr. Shealy started working with a holistic perspective and is a pioneer in the field of Health & Wellness. Dr. Sorin is proud to continue this legacy.

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"Dr. Sergey Sorin is the most committed holistic Dr. I have come across in all my years experience.I have been looking for Dr. Sorin for the past 40 years. "

Dr. Norman Shealy

Patient Testimonials from Shealy Wellness & Smavit Wellness

Sergey Sorin, MD is one of those extraordinary people who are living examples of what they teach. Every encounter I have been privileged to have with him as his student, as a medical colleague, or as a fellow seeker has enriched me. His compassion and heartfelt presence makes him an unparalleled healer and his willingness to give of his knowledge makes him a wonderful teacher. Always gracious and generous, he is someone I would not hesitate to recommend for a class or as a physician.

Helen Pankowsky, MD
Inspired Life Psychiatry
Author, Living Aware and Inspired

My experience as a patient of Dr. Sergey Sorin has been a positive one. I originally met him when he worked with Dr. Norman Shealy at “The International Holistic Institute.”
Dr. Sorin is an extremely patient listener. His laid-back, but concerned style made it possible for me to open up and share my health concerns. He was nonjudgmental in his questioning, which removed the typical sense of “dread” that accompanies most doctor’s visits. He seemed to be gathering information about my “whole” story rather than merely focusing on what ailed me. His critical thinking and caring manner made it possible for us to work together in looking at the whole verses the part, something refreshing in the medical field.
He suggested lifestyle changes including exercise, diet, along with stress relief to aid in the healing process. His approach to wellness appears to be multifaceted, not simply handing out prescriptions. He thoroughly enjoys people and instills trust, which leaves the patient feeling that they have a partner in improving their health. I always leave my appointments with a smile.


Dr Sergey Sorin is one of the most amazing holistic practitioners  whose purpose is to serve and heal people. I am thankful for him in my life

Daniel Puder


One of the greatest inspirations, for me, has been my connection with Doctor SergeySorin of the Samvit Wellness.  He is a kind, compassionate, and empathetic  physician who is quite knowledgeable about western medicine and holistic healing.  He listened to me and has made some wonderful recommendations that have helped me immensely.  That man knows a lot, is a true healer, and he has a great sense of humor.
I am not longer that sad person.  Now much of the time I feel peace and calm and I have to thank Dr Sorin for his recommendations.
There is always hope.
Helene Davis

Holistic Health

Only the top holistic health practices in the world are used.

Samvit Sound

Sound Vibration Therapy for healing from Within.


Personalized supplement and nutrition plans to conquer health.


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Shealy-Sorin Wellness
Phone (417) 467-2124
2840 E Chestnut Expy
Springfield, MO 65802