On the Nature of Fear and Hate

On the nature of fear and hate:

Almost every person has something that they have learned to hate or fear in life. It may be a particular person, event, object, brand, country, a mouse or anything else, large or small. Often this feeling is so intense that the emotional reaction to it is as much or more than any real or perceived threat.

Many of us don’t even know the origin of this fear or hate. However, it has become so ingrained in us that we don’t even bother asking why. We just have this intense emotion and association, and often do things in a very reactive and sometimes destructive and hurtful way.

However, the shocking truth of it is that this object, event, person is simply that: an object, event or a person. It’s our internal aspect, something that is a part of us that we are afraid of or dislike greatly.

As a projection mechanism, when we react with such an intense and emotional reaction to it, the one that we hurt the most is… mostly ourselves. We do so by feeding into this fear or hate on a constant bases, and like a well fed child, it will grow. As it grows within you, it hurts more and more.

If we discover that we have a very intense negative emotional reaction to something, perhaps the best way is to look within and try to fix the root of the problem, thus removing the hurt and the pain altogether.

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