Dealing with the pain

So how does one actually resolve the pain or the hurt that is within? Usually the event or the person who has caused us pain is already gone; the pain just doesn’t seem to go away. The more we fight it, the more anger we release, the more we scream, hit things, re-run them in our mind or rehash over and over, the more it builds.

Will it ever end? Is there something that makes it go away? The answer is yes. It is simple, but it’s not easy. The way to make the pain go away is to RELEASE it. To release something, you just have to let it go. The facts won’t change but the emotional attachment to it will disappear. Without a strong emotion to constantly feed it, it’s already in actuality an issue that happened in the past. So if we think about it, as soon as you let go of it, it’s already a decayed corps that simply needs a proper burial.

One very effective way to do it is the following: I Love You, I Forgive You, I Am Sorry, Thank You! You could and should say this to the source of the injury if you can, especially if it’s a person, and especially if they are still in your life. It’s highly liberating. But the one you really have to say it to be Yourself. Try it. Perhaps the first time around it will be difficult, but it will make you feel much better!

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