On Unconditional Love

How many of us have said that we love someone, at least once?  Or perhaps on a daily bases.  It may be to a parent, grandparent, spouse, girlfriend, friend, children, and especially to a favorite pet.  It’s easy to love someone who does or is good to you and treats you well.  But is this love Unconditional?  What exactly is unconditional love?  Is it loving someone for all their good and bad sides regardless of what they do to you?  Does that mean that you actually love that harmful thing that they did?  I would find it hard to do.  So then how do you do it?

The answer lies in the fact that we can love and appreciate the person, while not loving what they did.  Its human nature to make choices and the choice may not be a good one.  Everyone has capacity for good or evil acts, thoughts or words.  The person however can still be appreciated and loved regardless.  In realizing that even someone who’s done something bad to you is fundamentally a good person with a capacity to do good the next time, we can love them, unconditionally.

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