Who are you?

Who are you? How would you answer that question? Perhaps with your name, but is that really who you are, how does your name define who you are? When you think about who you are it is inevitable to think about what you are. What defines you? Are you defined by your job, your title or your relationships? For me it was almost easy to become defined by those things I am Doctor Sergey Sorin, simply by having a title I was defined into who I am. That was until I spent sometime at the DMV and instead of being Doctor Sorin I was instantly transformed into “sir” and shuffled from this line to the next and who I was in that moment became the next task for the teller, who did not care or need to know who I was.  So if I am not defined by my title then what does define me? This is the source of the Power behind the Power Principle, the answer is so simple, yet the action is not always easy. The answer is I am more. Each of us is so much more than society teaches us that we are. Once you claim and know this the doors of infinite possibilities begin to open. The Power Principle started as a weight loss guide and through personal growth I can say that there is so much more power in knowing the simple fact that I am more than I ever imagined.

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